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Doc Gallows

Real Name: Drew Hankinson

Weight: 330 lbs.

Height: 6'7"

Date of Birth: December 22, 1984

Hometown: New Cumberland, West Virginia

Other Names: The Masked Assassin, Dorian Deville, Deacon Deville, Imposter Kane (WWE), Fake Kane (WWE), Freakin' Deacon, Dargon, Drew Hankinson, Festus Dalton, Justice Dalton, Festus (WWE), "Demon of Destruction", "The Cornfed Colossus", Luke Gallows (WWE), Straight Edge Bodyguard, Keith Hanson, "The Outlaw" Isaiah Cash, Luke Gallow, D.O.C. (Director of Chaos) (TNA), Doc Gallows (NJPW/ROH/Impact/AEW), "Big Clitz" (NJPW), "American Beast", "Big LG"

Title History: NWL Heavyweight Champion, VCW Heavyweight Champion, SWA Heavyweight Champion, NCW World Heavyweight Champion, RPW Heavyweight Champion, APWA World Tag-Team Champion, NWA Southern Tag-Team Champion, NJPW/IWGP Tag-Team Champion (3), WWE Raw Tag-Team Champion (2), Impact World Tag-Team Champion

Official (WWE) Web-site:

Former Member of: The Masked Assassins, Freakin' Deacon & G-Rilla, The Daltons, Festus & Jesse, The Biscuits & Gravy Duo, Luke Gallows & CM Punk, The Straight Edge Society, D.O.C. & Knux, Aces & Eights, Judgement, Bullet Club, Amber Gallows & Doc Gallows, Team RAW, Team Smackdown, Balor Club, The Club, "The O.C." ("Original Club") , Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows, WWE Alumni, The Good Brothers (Current)

Wrestler Since: 1998

Finishing Maneuver: Gallows Pole, Chokeslam, Deacon Death Drop, Deacon Bomb

Doc/Luke Gallows was on RAW posing as the Fake Kane who fought the real Kane until Kane finally unmasked him. He was the bodyguard of CM Punk in The Straight Edge Society. He an member of the Aces & Eights, going under the name D.O.C. (Director of Chaos). He was apart of the Bullet Club in Japan with Karl Anderson and AJ Styles. Now back in Impact with Karl. Here's a link to his pics: Doc Gallows Aces & Eights Pictures Page