The "Chosen One" Jeff Jarrett Page

Jeff Jarrett nWo Page - Bullet Club - WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018

Jeff Jarrett

Real Name: Jeff Jarrett

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 230 lbs.

Date of Birth: 7/14/67

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Other Names: "Simply Irresistible", "Double J" (WWF), "The Chosen One" (WCW), Jeff Jarrett (WCW/WWE/TNA/NJPW/GFW/Impact), "King of the Mountain" (TNA), "The Great One", "The TNA Founder"

Title History: CWA International Tag-Team Champion (2), AWA Southern Tag-Team Champion (4), NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Champion (5), WCWA Light Heavyweight Champion (2), CWA Heavyweight Champion, WCWA World Tag-Team Champion (14), CWA Tennessee Tennessee Tag-Team Champion, USWA World Tag-Team Champion (7), USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion (9), USWA Western States Tag-Team Champion, USWA Heavyweight Champion (2), USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion (3), WWF Intercontinental Champion (6), PCW United States Heavyweight Champion, WCW United States Heavyweight Champion (3), NWA North American Heavyweight Champion, WWF World Tag-Team Champion, WWF European Champion, WCW World Heavyweight Champion (4), WWA Heavyweight Champion (2), NWA Cyberspace Heavyweight Champion, NWA World Heavyweight Champion (6), WSW Heavyweight Champion, TNA KOTM King of the Mountain Champion, Impact Hall of Fame Class of 2015 Inductee, WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018 Inductee, AAA World Heavyweight Champion (2), EWP World Heavyweight Champion

Official (WWE) Web-site:

Former Member of: Jeff Jarrett & Jerry Lawler, Double J & The Roadie, IV Horsemen, Team Piper, National Wrestling Alliance, Double J & Tennessee Lee, Southern Justice, Canadian Country, Jeff Jarrett & Debra, Jarrett Enterprises, Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart, Jeff Jarrett & Miss Kitty, nWo, The Magnificent Seven, Creative Control, New Blood, Powers That Be, Elite Guard, Jeff Jarrett's Team, Kings of Wrestling, The Cornerstones, Planet Jarrett, Jeff Jarrett & Gail Kim, Jarrett's Army, Team Angle, La Legion Extranjera (Foreign Legion), La Sociedad, Team Jarrett, The Frontline, Team Hogan, Jeff Jarrett & Gunner & Murphy, Immortal, RDX, Jeff Jarrett & Karen Jarrett, La Nueva Sociedad, Bullet Club, MAD

Wrestler Since: 1986

Finishing Maneuver: The Stroke, Guitar Shot, The Slap Nuts, Figure Four-Leglock

Jeff was a member of the nWo Silver and Black and the IV Horsemen. He was the founder of TNA and GFW. He was also apart of the Bullet Club. Now in the WWE Hall of Fame. Here's a link to Double J's pics; Jeff Jarrett nWo Pictures Page