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Chris Sabin

Real Name: Josh Harter

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 215 lbs.

Date of Birth: 2/4/82

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Other Names: "The Future", Hail Sabin, "Flying High" Chris Sabin, "The Super Saiyan", "Super Sabin", "The Phoenix", Chris Sabin (TNA/ROH/NJPW/Impact)

Title History: GLAPW Junior Heavyweight Champion, NWA Great Lakes Junior Heavyweight Champion, XICW Tag-Team Champion, NWA Great Lakes Heavyweight Champion, BCW Unified Television Champion (2), MXPW Cruiserweight Champion (2), MXPW Television Champion, WWA International Cruiserweight Champion, IWC Super Indy Champion, BWCW Cruiserweight Champion, MMWA Marquee Heavyweight Champion (2), FIW American Heavyweight Champion, MCW Cruiserweight Champion (2), AAW Tag-Team Champion, ZERO-1 MAX International Lightweight Tag-Team Champion, NJPW/IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag-Team Champion, TNA World Tag-Team Champion, TNA World Heavyweight Champion, TNA X Division Champion (8), DW Y Division Champion, ROH World Tag-Team Champion, Impact World Tag-Team Champion (2)

Official (NJPW) Website:

Former Member of: Sport Entertainment Extreme (S. E. X.), Team NWA, Team USA, Team IWR, Hollywood Inc., Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt, Murder City Machine Guns, Team TNA, The Frontline, Chris Sabin & Alex Shelly & Kevin Nash, Chris Sabin & Velvet Sky, Chris Sabin & Alpha Female, Knights of the Rising Dawn (KRD), Search and Destroy, Chris Sabin & James Storm (Current), Motor City Machine Guns (Current)

Wrestler Since: 2000

Finishing Maneuver: The Future Shock, Cradle Shock, The Sabalizer, Full Nelson Clutch

Chris Sabin is teaming with Alex Shelly in the Motor City Machine Guns and was managed by Kevin Nash. At Destination X, he beat Bully Ray for the World Heavyweight Championship cashing in option C. Here's a link to his pics; Chris Sabin Pictures Page