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Jeff Hardy

Real Name: Jeffrey Nero Hardy

Weight: 212 lbs.

Height: 6'2"

Date of Birth: 8/31/77

Hometown: Cameron, North Carolina

Other Names: Wolverine, Willow the Whisp, "The Charismatic Enigma" (TNA), Jeff Hardy (WWE/TNA), "Dos", Jinx #1 (Ingus Jynx), "The Rainbow Haired Warrior", "Master of the Swanton Bomb", Iceman, Mean Jimmy Jack Tomkins, The Masked Mountain, "The Enigmatic Superstar", "The Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling" (TNA), Willow (TNA), Brother Nero (TNA), "Broken" (TNA), "Obsolete Mule" (TNA)

Title History: NFWA Heavyweight Champion, NCW Light-Heavyweight Champion (2), Omega New Frontier Champion, NEW Junior-Heavyweight Champion, NDW Light-Heavyweight Champion, NWA 2000 Tag-Team Champion, UWA Middleweight Champion, Omega Tag-Team Champion, WWF Light-Heavyweight Champion, WWF Hardcore Champion (3), WCW World Tag-Team Champion, WWE European Champion, WWE World Tag-Team Champion (6),, WWE Heavyweight Champion, WWE World Heavyweight Champion (2), TNA World Heavyweight Champion (3), OMEGA Heavyweight Champion, HOG Tag-Team Champion, TNA World Tag-Team Champion (2), ROH World Tag-Team Champion, MCW Tag-Team Champion, WWE Raw Tag-Team Champion, Wrestling Superstar Tag-Team Champion, The Crash Tag-Team Champion, WWE United States Champion, WWE SmackDown Tag-Team Champion WWE Intercontinental Champion (5)

Official (WWE) Website:

Former Member of: Jinx Brothers, Hardy Boyz & Michael Hayes, New Brood, Los Conquistadores, Hardy Boyz, Hardy Boyz & Terri Runnels, Hardy Boyz & Lita, Team Xtreme, 2Xtreme, Team DX, Team Triple H, Team Hogan, Jeff Hardy & Mr. Anderson, The Extreme Enigmatic Assholes, Immortal, Team MVP, The Hardys, "Broken Matt & Brother Nero", Broken Hardys, Team Smackdown, Matt & Jeff Hardy

Wrestler Since: 1994

Finishing Maneuver: Swanton Bomb, Twist of Hate/Fate, Whisper in the Wind

Jeff Hardy formed one of the best tag-team in wrestling with his brother Matt in WWE and TNA. He had joined with his brother Matt in Hulk Hogan's group Immortal in TNA as the champ. Here's a link to Jeff Hardy WWE Pictures Page