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Real Name: Layla El

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 115 lbs.

Date of Birth: June 25, 1977

Hometown: London, England

Other Names: Layla El, Layla (WWE/ECW/FCW)

Title History: WWE 2006 Diva Search Winner, WWE Women's Champion, WWE Diva's Champion

Official (WWE) Website:

Former Member of: 2006 WWE Diva Search, Extreme Exposé, Extreme Expose & The Miz, Jamie Noble & Layla, Layla & William Regal, Team RAW, Team McCool, Michelle McCool & Layla, Team Lay-Cool & Vickie Guerrero, Team Lay-Cool & Kaval, Team Lay-Cool, Fandango & Layla, Summer Rae & Layla, "The Slayers", WWE Alumni

Wrestler Since: 2006

Finishing Maneuver: Clothesline, Shoulder Block Takedown, Scoop Slam, Snapmare

Layla was the winner of the 2006 Diva Search. She was in ECW with Kelly Kelly and Brooke in Extreme Exposé. She was with "McCruel" in Team lay-Cool and was the final WWE Women's Champion. At Extreme Rules 2012 she beat Nikki Bella for the WWE Diva's Championship. Here's a link to her pictures page; Layla WWE Pictures Page