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Real Name: Dave Batista

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 280 lbs.

Date of Birth: 1/18/66

Hometown: Washington, DC

Other Names: Kahn, Leviathan, "Demon of the Deep", Deacan Batista (WWE), Dave Batista (WWE), Batista (WWE/FCW), The Beast, Evolution's Animal, "The Animal" (WWE), Deacon Bautista, "Guardian of the Gates of Hell", "Big Dave", David Batista (WWE)

Title History: OVW Heavyweight Champion, WWE World Tag-Team Champion (3), WWE Tag-Team Champion, WWE World Heavyweight Champion (4), WWE Heavyweight Champion (2), WWE 2005 & 2014 Royal Rumble Winner

Official (WWE) Website:

Former Member of: Disciples of Synn, Spirtua, Ric Flair & Batista, John Cena & Batista, Rey Mysterio Jr. & Batista, Team Batista, The Authority, Evolution, WWE Alumni

Wrestler Since: 1997

Finishing Maneuver: Spinebuster, Batista Bomb, Strong Clothesline, Body Slam, Spear

Batista was one of the members of the Evolution on RAW. He beat Triple H for his first WWE World Heavyweight title at Wrestlemania 21. After almost ten years he had re-untied with Evolution. Now a movie star in Marvel films, Guardians of the GalaxyHere's a link to his pics page; Batista WWE Pictures Page