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Jacqueline - Nation Page - WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016


Real Name: Jacqueline Moore

Weight: 119 lbs.

Height: 5'3"

Date of Birth: 1/6/64

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Other Names: Sweet Georgia Brown, Miss Texas, Queen Moishe, Jacky (WCW), Jacqueline (WCW/WWE/TNA), Jackie, Miss Jacquline, Miss Tennessee (TNA), "Pride of Tennessee" (TNA), Sgt. Rock, Jacquelyn, Jacqueline Moore (TNA), Jackie Moore (TNA)

Title History: USWA (Dallas) Women's Champion, USWA (Memphis) Women's Champion (14), WWF Women's Champion (2), WWE Cruiserweight Champion, IAW Women's Champion, WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016 Inductee

Official (WWE) Web-site:

Former Member of: Jackie Moore & Kevin Sullivan, Harlem Heat, Nation of Domination, Jacqueline & Marc Mero, Marvelous, PMS (Pretty Mean Sisters), Tough Enough I, APA & Jacqueline, Jackie Moore & James Storm, Beer Money Inc. & Jackie Moore, Jackie Moore & ODB

Wrestler Since: 1989

Finishing Maneuver: Figure-4 Leg Lock, Kamikaze Headbutt, Spinning Heel Kick

Jacqueline was in WCW before she came to the WWE and TNA. Jacqueline as Queen Moishe was apart of the original Nation group in USWA. She was in TNA teaming with the "Tennessee Cowboy" James Storm against Gail Kim. She is the latest woman to join the WWE Hall Fame. Here's a link to her pics: Jacqueline WWE Pictures Page