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Jamie Noble

Real Name: Jamie Howard

Weight: 190 lbs.

Height: 5'8"

Date of Birth: 12/23/76

Hometown: Hanover, West Virginia

Other Names: Jamie Howard, Jamie-San (WCW), Jamie Knoble (WCW), "By God" (WWE), Jamie Noble (WWE/ECW/FCW), James Gibson (ROH), "New Attitude", "Captain Redneck", James "Noble" Gibson, Robert Gibson, "The Pitbull", "The Redneck Messiah"

Title History: HWA Cruiserweight Champion, IPW Light Heavyweight Champion, WWE Cruiserweight Champion, ROH World Heavyweight Champion

Official (WWE) Web-site:

Former Member of: Yung Dragons, The Greatest, Noble & Courageous, Jung Dragons, Team WCW, Jamie Noble & Nidia, Pit Bulls, Jamie Noble & Layla, WWE/WCW Alumni, Seth Rollins & J & J Security, J & J Security, The Authority

Wrestler Since: 1995

Finishing Maneuver: Top Rope Guillotine Legdrop, Modified Dragon Sleeper

Jamie was with the Jung Dragons. The group of himself, Kaz Hayashi, Jimmy Yang and Leia Meow. He had joined with Joey Mercury to form J & J Security, protecting Seth Rollins in The Authority. Here's a link to his pics: Jamie Noble WWE Pictures Page