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Real Name: Michael Foley

Weight: 287 lbs.

Height: 6'2"

Date of Birth: 6/07/65

Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana

Other Names: Jack Foley (WWF), Cactus Jack Manson, Cactus Jack (ECW/WCW/WWE/TNA), Mankind (WWF), Dude Love (WWF), Mick Foley (WWE/ROH/TNA), "Mr. Socko" (WWE), "Hardcore Legend" (WWE/TNA), "Cheap" Mick Foley, Cactus Jack Foley, Super Zodiac II, Titan Mick, Nick Bailey, Commissioner Foley (WWE), Nick Foley, Mason The Mutilator, Mankind The Mutilator, "Executive Shareholder" (TNA)

Title History: CWA Tag-Team Champion, ACW Universal Television Champion, WCWA Light-Heavyweight Champion, WCWA Tag-Team Champion (2), NAW Heavyweight Champion, WCW World Tag-Team Champion, ECW World Tag-Team Champion (2), SCW Heavyweight Champion, OMW North American Heavyweight Champion, IWA Tag-Team Champion, NWL Heavyweight Champion, USWA World Tag-Team Champion, WWF World Tag-Team Champion (8), SCW Tag-Team Champion, GLCW Heavyweight Champion, WWF Hardcore Champion, WWF Heavyweight Champion (3), TNA World Heavyweight Champion, TNA Legend's Champion, WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2013 Inductee

Official (WWE) Web-Site:

Former Member of: Stud Stable, General Skandor Akbar Stable, Robert Fuller's Stud Stable, The Cartel, Sullivan's House of Animals, Sullivan's Slaughter House, Team IWA, Devastation Inc., Mankind & Vader, Dude Love & Steve Austin, The Corporation, The Unholy Alliance, Rock N Sock Connection, The Union, Old School Connection, Mankind & Al Snow, Mick Foley & Edge, Mick Foley & Michael Cole, Jim Ross & Mick Foley, Abyss & Mick Foley, EV2.0, Team Foley

Wrestler Since: 1985

Finishing Maneuver: Double Arm DDT, Mandible Claw/Mr. Socko/Love Handle

Mankind/Mick is the "Hardcore Legend", who was with Corporation. He was in TNA and was known as the Executive Shareholder and was the "Network" consultant. Now back in the WWE and is in the WWE Hall of Fame. Here's a link to his pics: Mankind WWE Pictures Page