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Real Name: Dennis Knight

Weight: 290 lbs.

Height: 6'3"

Date of Birth: 12/26/68

Hometown: Biggers, Arkansas

Other Names: Dennis Knight, Leatherface (WCW), Tex Slazenger (WCW), Phinias I. Godwinn (WWF), P.I.G. (WWF), Naked Mideon (WWE), Mideon (WWE/TNA), Midian, Fake Mankind, Bogus Mankind

Title History: NWA Florida Tag-Team Champion, USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion (2), WWF World Tag-Team Champion (2), WWF European Champion, IPW Hardcore Champion

Official (Wiki) Web-Site:

Former Member of: The Texicans, Godwinns, Southern Justice, Ministry of Darkness, Corporate Ministry, Acolyte Protection Agency

Wrestler Since: 1989

Finishing Maneuver: Eye Opener, Problem Solver, H-Bomb, Hangman's Neckbreaker

Mideon was a member of the Corporate Ministry and The Ministry. Here's a link to his pics: Mideon Pictures Page