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Seth Rollins

Real Name: Colby Lopez

Weight: 210 lbs.

Height: 6'1"

Date of Birth: 5/28/86

Hometown: Buffalo, Iowa

Other Names: Gixx, Taj The Destroyer, God, Tyler Black (TNA/ROH), Seth Rollins (FCW/NXT/WWE), "The Architect" (WWE), "Mr. Money in the Bank" (WWE), "The Future", "The Kingslayer" (WWE), "Monday Night Messiah" (WWE)

Title History: SCW Tag-Team Champion, NWA Midwest Tag-Team Champion, IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight Champion, SCW Heavyweight Champion (2), ROH World Tag-Team Champion (2), PWG World Tag-Team Champion, AAW Heavyweight Champion (2), FIP World Heavyweight Champion, ROH World Heavyweight Champion, AAW Tag-Team Champion (2), AIW Intense Division Champion, MCPW World Heavyweight Champion, FCW Florida 15 Champion, FCW Florida Tag-Team Champion, FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion, NXT Heavyweight Champion, WWE Tag-Team Champion, WWE 2014 Money in the Bank Winner, WWE United States Champion, WWE World Heavyweight Champion (2), WWE Intercontinental Champion (2), WWE 2019 Royal Rumble Winner, WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion (2), WWE Raw Tag-Team Champion (6)

Official (WWE) Web-site:

Former Member of: Jim Jesus Inc (JJ Inc), The Black & The Brave, Do It For Her/D.I.F.H., Kiss 2 Kill. The Age of the Fall, ROH Alumni, Seth Rollins & Richie Steamboat, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns, Team Authority, Seth Rollins & J & J Security, The Authority, Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan, Seth Rollins & Dean AmbroseThe Shield, Braun Strowman & Seth Rollins, Team RAW, Seth Rollins & AOP, Seth Rollins & Murphy, Team Smackdown

Wrestler Since: 2005

Finishing Maneuver: God's Last Gift, Paroxysm, Corkscrew 450 Splash, Dropsault

Seth Rollins joined up with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns on to form The Shield on RAW. He betrayed The Shield and returned to The Authority with Triple H. He won the WWE Money in the Bank contract at 2014 Money in the Bank and cashed it in at WrestleMania 31. Here's a link to his pics: Seth Rollins WWE Pictures Page