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The Late Tracy Smothers - The Nation of Domination Page

Tracy Smothers

Real Name: Tracy Smothers

Height: 6'1''
Weight: 235 lbs.
Date of Birth:

Date of Death: 10/28/20
own: Atlanta, Georgia
Other Names: Shaquille Ali, Tracy Smothers (WCW/ECW/TNA), Shaquile Alek, Freddie Joe Floyd (WWF), Golden Vampire 13, Tracey Smothers, "Wild Eyed Southern Boy", Golden Vampire XIII, Jason The Terrible, "Southern" Tracy Smothers, "1PW Legend" Tracy Smothers

Title History: BBW Heavyweight Champion, CW Heavyweight Champion, GWF Heavyweight Champion, MECW Light Heavyweight Champion, MWU Heavyweight Champion (2), PWU Hardcore Champion, SWA Heavyweight Champion, wZw British Heavyweight Champion, NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Champion (2), NWA Florida Tag-Team Champion, CWA Tag-Team Champion, NWA Southeast Continental Tag-Team Champion (2), WCW United States Tag-Team Champion, SMW Heavyweight Champion (2), SMW Beat The Champ Television Champion (4), SMW Tag-Team Champion, IWA (Japan) Tag-Team Champion, USWA World Tag-Team Champion (2), ECW World Tag-Team Champion, OVW Southern Tag-Team Champion, NWA Mid-South Heavyweight Champion (2), NWF Tag-Team Champion, IWA Mid-South Tag-Team Champion, IWC Tag-Team Champion (2), CAPW Heavyweight Champion, ASW Heavyweight Champion, JAPW Tag-Team Champion, D1W Heavyweight Champion, IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Champion (2), AWA Central States Heavyweight Champion

Official (Wiki) Web-Site:

Former Member of: The Southern Boys, Wild Eyed Southern Boys, The Young Pistols, Nation of Domination, The World Destruction Squad, THUGS, Team Corino, Old School X, Southern Comfort, (F.B.I.), EV2.0

Wrestler Since: 1982

Finishing Maneuver: Spine Buster, Pumphandle Slam, Tennessee Jawbreaer, Jaw Jacker

Tracy Smothers was apart of the original Nation group in USWA. He was also a member of the Full Blooded Italians (F.B.I.) with Nunzio in ECW and in TNA. May he rest in peace. Here's a link to his pics page The Late Tracy Smothers Pictures Page