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Triple H - Corporate Ministry/The Authority Page - WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2019

Triple H (Hunter Hearst Helmsley)

Real Name: Paul Levesque

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 284 lbs.

Date of Birth: 7/27/69

Hometown: Greenwich, Connecticut

Other Names: Terra Ryzing (WCW), Jean-Paul Levesque (WCW), Jean Pierre Lafite (WWF), "The Connecticut Blueblood", Hunter Hearst Helmsley (WWE), HHH (WWF), Triple H (WWF), "The Crock" (WWF), "The Cerebral Assassin" (WWE), "The Game" (WWF), "New Dirtiest Player In The Game", Hunter, Trips, "The [Wrestling] King of Kings" (WWE)

Title History: IWF Heavyweight Champion, WWF Intercontinental Champion (5), WWF European Champion (2), WWF 1997 King of the Ring, WWE World Heavyweight Champion (5), WWE Heavyweight Champion (8), WWE World Tag-Team Champion (2), WWE Tag-Team Champion, WWE Unified Tag-Team Champion, WWE 2002 & 2016 Royal Rumble Winner, WWE World Heavyweight Champion (9), WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2019 Inductee

Official (WWE) Web-Site:

Former Member of: The Kliq, The Corporation, Corporate Ministry, Corporate Game, Two Man Power Trip, The McMahon-Helmsley Faction, nWo Friend, Team DX, Team Triple H, DX, Evolution, The Authority, Team RAW, The McMahon Family (Current)

Wrestler Since: 1992

Finishing Maneuver: The Pedigree, Spinebuster, Clothesline, Figure-Four Leg Lock

Favorite Quote: "I am the Game and I am that damn good!"

Triple H and HBK had re-united to reform DX. He was the one-half of the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions with Shawn Michaels. Here's a link to the Game's pictures page; Triple H WWE Pictures Page