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Real Name: Mark Callaway

Weight: 304 lbs.

Height: 6'9"

Date of Birth: 3/24/62

Hometown: Houston, TX

Other Names: The Master of Pain, Texas Red, The Punisher, "Mean" Mark Callous (WCW), "The American Badass" (WWF), The Undertaker (WWE), "The Dead Man" (WWE), "The Phenom" (WWE), The Commando, Punisher Dice Morgan, Kane the Undertaker, "The Man from The Darkside", "The Big Evil", "Judge, Jury and Executioner of Hulkamania", Taker, "The Lord of Darkness", "Deadman inc.", Original Deadman, The Punisher II, "Advance Man for the Grim Reaper", "The Reality of Death", "The Emissary of Death", "The Reaper", "The Pale Destroyer", "The Yard Stick", "The Prince of Darkness", "The Personification of Evil", "The Minister of Darkness", "Dead Man Walking", "The Big Dog", "The Red Devil", "Last Outlaw" (WWE)

Title History: USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion, USWA Texas Champion, WWF Heavyweight Champion (4), WWF Undisputed Heavyweight Champion, WWF World Tag-Team Champion (6), WCW World Tag-Team Champion, WWF Hardcore Champion, WWE 2007 Royal Rumble Winner, WWE World Heavyweight Champion (3)

Official (WWE) Web-Site:

Former Member of: Sky Scrapers, Ministry of Darkness, Corporate Ministry, Brothers of Destruction, The Unholy Alliance, Team WWF, Team Survive WWF, The Real World Champions, Devastation Inc, Disciples Of Evil, Undertaker & The Big Show, The Undertaker & Paul Bearer

Wrestler Since: 1989

Finishing Maneuver: Tombstone Piledriver, Chokeslam, The Last Ride, Old School

The Dead Man was the leader and "The Lord of Darkness" of the Ministry. He was also apart of Vince's Corporate Ministry in WWE. The Undertaker a.k.a. The Dead Man was again with Paul Bearer. He also teamed with Kane sometimes on Smackdown. He beat Batista at Wrestlemania 23 for the World Heavyweight Title. Here's a link to his pics: Undertaker WWE Pictures Page