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Juventud Guerrera

Real Name: Eduardo Aníbal González Hernández

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 165 lbs.

Date of Birth: 12/23/74

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

Other Names: "The Juice" (WCW/WWE), Juvy (WCW/WWE), "The Youth Warrior" (WCW), Juventud Guerrera (ECW/WCW/TNA), Juventud (WWE), Air Juvi, El Hijo de Fuerza Guerrera, Fuerza Gimm, The Juce

Title History: WWA (Mexico) World Lightweight Champion (2), WWA (Mexico) World Tag-Team Champion (2), WWA (Mexico) World Trios Champion, WWA World Welterweight Champion, WCW World Cruiserweight Champion (3), NJPW/IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, WCW World Tag-Team Champion, WWAS International Cruiserweight Champion (2), IWA (Puerto Rico) Light Heavyweight Champion, BTW US Light Heavyweight Champion, WWA/WWAS Cruiserweight Champion (2), XWF Cruiserweight Champion, WWC Junior Heavyweight Champion, CMLL National Tag-Team Champion (3), AAA Tag-Team Champion (2), AAA Welterweight Champion, UWA Tag-Team Champion, IWAS Tag-Team Champion, WWE Cruiserweight Champion (2), CMLL Mexico National Atomicos Champion, XLAW (Mexico) Junior Heavyweight Champion, NWE Cruiserweight Champion, FSW Primero Champion, Ironfist Wrestling Flyweight Champion, PWR Junior Heavyweight Champion, Canadian Unified Junior Heavyweight Champion

Official (Wiki) Web-Site:

Former Member of: LWo, Filthy Animals, Lucha Libre Latina, Team Mexico, Team AAA, New Blood, Lucha Invasion, X-Team, La Familia (XPW), Faccion X, Mexicools, Mexican Powers, Los Sexicools, D-MEX, Los Bravos, La Anarquia

Wrestler Since: 1992

Finishing Maneuver: Juvy Driver, 450 Splash, Air Juvi, Juicy Elbow, Swinging DDT

Juvy was a member of the LWo in WCW. He also was the leader of the Mexicools on Smackdown. Juventud was one of the Mexican wrestlers who helped LAX in TNA.  Here's a link to Juvi's pics page; Juventud Guerrera Pictures Page