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Elix Skipper

Real Name: Elix Skipper

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 228 lbs.

Date of Birth: 12/15/77

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Other Names: Dark Guerrera, Extreme Blade, Skip Over (WCW), "Primetime" Elix Skipper (WCW/WWE/TNA), Elix Skipper (WCW/WWE/TNA)

Title History: WCW World Cruiserweight Champion, WCW World Cruiserweight Tag-Team Champion, NWA World Tag-Team Champion (4), UXW X-Treme Champion, GCW Tag-Team Champion (2), GCW United States Junior Heavyweight Champion, GCW Television Champion, NWA Cyberspace Cruiser X Champion, NWA Wrestle Birmingham Tag Team Champion (2), SCWA Heavyweight Champion, NCW National Champion, ECW (Elite Championship Wrestling) Heavyweight Champion, AAW Heavyweight Champion

Official (Wiki) Web-Site:

Former Member of: Team Canada, Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo, WCW/ECW Alliance, Team WCW, SEX (Sports Entertainment Xtreme), Team NWA, Stud’s Stable, Team Lethal, The Matrix, Diamonds in the Rough, Triple X, La Legion Extranjera (Foreign Legion), Team JBL

Wrestler Since: 1999

Finishing Maneuver: Play of the Day, New School, Sudden Death, The Matrix Evasion

Elix Skipper was with the WCW/ECW Alliance and Team WCW in HWA, Heartland Wrestling Association, a former WWE developmental territory. In WCW he was apart of Lance Storm's Team Canada. Here's a link to his pics; Elix Skipper Pictures Page