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Mighty Molly - WCW/ECW Alliance Woman Page - WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2021

Mighty Molly

Real Name: Noreen Greenwald
Height: 5'4""
Weight: 140 lbs..
Date of Birth: 9/7/77
Hometown: Forest Lake, Minnesota
Other Names::
Starla Sexton (WWF/WCW), Miss Madness (WCW), Mona (WCW), Mighty Molly (WWF), Molly Holly (WWE), Nora Greenwald, Pure and Innocent Molly Holly, Lady Ophelia, Ophelia, Sabotage

Title History: WPWF Women's Champion, NDW Ladies Champion, WWF Hardcore Champion, WWE Women's Champion (2), WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2021 Inductee

Official Web-site:
Former Member of: T
eam Madness, Holly Cousins, Molly Holly & Spike Dudley, WCW/ECW Alliance, Hurri-League, Molly Holly & Gail Kim

Wrestler Since: 1997

Finishing Maneuver: Molly-Go-Round, Twin City Twister, Hurrancanrana, Double DDT
Molly formally known as Miss Madness, was apart of Team Madness in WCW. She was Mighty Molly when she was with the WCW/ECW Alliance. Here is a link to Molly's pics:
Mighty Holly WWE Pictures Page