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Stacy Keibler - WCW/ECW Alliance Woman Page

Stacy Keibler

Real Name: Stacy Keibler

Weight: 125 lbs.

Height: 5'11"

Date of Birth: 10/14/79

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Other Names: Skye WCW Nitro Girl (WCW), Miss Hancock (WCW), Stacy Keibler (WCW/WWE), "Dutchess of Dudleyville" (WWE), Super Stacy (WWE), Best Legs in the Business, 41 1/2 Inch Legs, Nitro Girl Skye, Stacy Dudley, "The Legs of WCW", "The Legs of WWE", "The Weapon of Mass Seduction"

Title History: None

Official (WWE) Web-site:

Former Member of: The Nitro Girls, Standards and Practices, Los Fabulosos, WCW/ECW Alliance, The Dudleyz & Stacy Keibler, Stacy Keibler & Test, Stacy Keibler & Scott Steiner, Hurricane & Rosey & Stacy Keibler, WWE/WCW Alumni

Wrestler Since: 1999
Finishing Maneuver: Roundhouse kick, Snap Mare, Spinning Heel Kick, Backslide Pin

Stacy was a Nitro Girl and a member of the WCW/ECW Alliance. Here's a link to her pics; Stacy Keibler WWE Pictures Page