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Real Name: Terri Ann Boatright

Weight: 105 lbs.

Height: 5'2"

Date of Birth: 10/5/66

Hometown: Gainesville, Florida
Other Names: Alexandra York (WCW), Marlena (WWF), Terri Runnels (WWF), Terri (WWE), Horny Little She Devil
Title History: WWE Hardcore Champion
Official Web-Site:

Former Member of: York Foundation, Goldust & Marlena, Terri & Val Venis, PMS (Pretty Mean Sisters), The Hardy Boyz & Terri, The Radicals & Terri, Terri & Perry Saturn, Raven & Terri, WCW/ECW Alliance
Wrestler Since: 1990
Finishing Maneuver: Bronco Buster, Bitch Slap, Notebook, Top Rope Crossbody
Terri was the wife and valet to Goldust for a long time. Was with Raven in the Alliance. Here's a link to Terri's pictures page;
 Terri WWE Pictures Page