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William Regal

Real Name: Darrin Mathews

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 247 lbs.

Date of Birth: 5/10/65

Hometown: Blackpool, England

Other Names: Lord Steven Regal (WCW), Steven Regal, Steve Regal, Real Man's Man, Darren Matthews, "Sir", William Regal (WWE/ECW/FCW/NXT), King William the Regal, "Good Will Ambassador", Steven William Regal, Sir William Regal

Title History: WCW Television Champion (4), MCW Southern Heavyweight Champion, WWF European Champion (4), WWF Hardcore Champion (5), WWE World Tag-Team Champion (4), WWE 2008 King of the Ring, WWE Intercontinental Champion (2)

Official (WWE) Web-Site:

Former Member of: Blue Bloods, Union Jack, Hollywood Blondes, WCW/ECW Alliance, The UnAmericans, William Regal & Eugene, William Regal & Tajiri, WWE Crusader, William Regal & Paul Burchill, King Booker's Court, Royal Knights Extraordinaire, William Regal & Dave Taylor, Team Orton, William Regal & Layla, The Ruthless Roundtable, Team RAW, William Regal & Ezekiel Jackson, William Regal & Skip Sheffield, William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov, William Regal & Todd Grisham, William Regal & Josh Mathews, WCW Alumni

Wrestler Since: 1986

Finishing Maneuver: Union Jack Neckbreaker, Regal Stretch, Running High Knee

Regal was the WCW/ECW Alliance and WWF Commissioner. He had reunited with Dave Taylor on Smackdown. He had been appointed General Manager of RAW and now in NXT. Here's a link to his pics; William Regal Pictures Page